Friday, October 24, 2008


Adam and I ran away last weekend and it was very fun! St. George was perfect weather. We rented a little house that had a pool and hot tub in the back yard which was nice. We went to the Tuacahn Theater to see Les Miserable and it was awesome! We ended up seeing an old high school friend Andy Hunsaker there at the play and got to catch up with him and his wife Jan. We did some shopping for the kids mostly and got to sleep in! It was very weird not waking up to Ben crawling into bed with us wiggling and making car sounds. We drove through Snow Canyon (which took like 2 minutes & cost $5!) We also saw an orangey-red house on top of a bluff that was so ugly that Adam had to admit our yellow house was beautiful compared to that (finally). However, we decided we wouldn't mind living there if we could. It was a nice weekend and thanks to Kaffeine & Mom for watching our kidlets so we could go--you're the best Dee & Gouda-Mouda!

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flynn family said...

I am with you on the weekend-ers. Love them!!!