Monday, March 31, 2008

Ya-Ya I Bootiful!

Hi I'm Ya-Ya or Milly or Amelia which ever you prefer. I like being bootiful in my princess dress with a big hole in it that my Grandma-Mary made me along with my black shiny shoes with socks! I twiddle my hair and like to have my mouth open like I'm surprised most of the time. I think Ben and Sammy are funny but I like to boss them around as much I can without my Mommy getting mad at me. I like to sing twinkle little star in my own version and repeat as much as possible. I dance to music and shake my bum bum because it makes my Mommy laugh. If I get hurt I blame it on Ben even if he isn't there or didn't do anything--it makes me feel better. Everything I want is pink even if it isn't I say it is because that's what I want. I love everyone I meet and will give kisses and hugs to anyone who wants one--if I'm not grumpy. This is me in a nutshell and I am bootiful--that's all you really need to know about me!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We're So Lucky!

I believe that through many other people's lives; their trials, successes and miracles have impacts on our own. I think a lot of the time we actually realize the many blessings we have when we just take a second to think about it. How many times have my children been blessed with safety (especially Ben), also with good mental and physical health. The blessing of having a beautiful, safe place to live with an awesome husband who takes pride in being a real man!
From seeing my kids learn to ride a bike to having great visiting teachers and amazing friends--I feel so BLESSED!

You're probably thinking what this is all about but, today I found out my cousin Bryan and his wife Marcae just lost their first little girl Kate. She was a miracle and wasn't expected to live as long as she did. She was truly a fighter and so are her parents. They loved her to the ends of the earth and you could see it. It breaks my heart to think of losing my baby. When experiences like this in life come our way-- I can't help but thank God for what he has given me and also for what he hasn't. Kate is free of her tubes and discomfort, but for those left behind it seems to leave a hole. One that can't be filled or ignored. Hopefully through time, the hole lessens in it's depth and darkness, and becomes the your way back. Filled with light, reassurance and a purpose. That someday soon you'll hold your perfect baby again and thank her for helping you get back home.

I have a neighbor who lost her 5-year-old little girl to a brain tumor. She told me of an experience she had soon after her little girl passed away. She told me that one day while at the cemetery visiting her grave and crying why did this have to happen to her, she suddenly heard her little girl's voice very clearly saying, "Mama, some day you will be grateful this happened." My neighbor laughs after this and says, "I'm still waiting to be 'grateful!'".

It has been 5+ years since her little girl passed away but, I'm so amazed at how she has handled it. I could only hope to cope half as well as she does if I'd gone through what she had. But she also has every reason to try her best on this earth because she knows her little girl is waiting for her and all of the family to come back to where she is. What motivation that can give knowing they are there waiting for you. I would think in my neighbors case that the day she is grateful for what happened will be one far from now. She could be laying in bed thinking of her and what she said. Suddenly and quietly understanding, and then feeling the gratitude her daughter told her of long ago.
Anyway, not to be so gloomy but I am grateful everyday that I can tuck all 3 of my kids into their beds and kiss, hug and tickle them whenever I please. I guess it's days like this that make the day you just lived special and grand.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Benny's Prize

Benny finally got his prize yesterday for doing a #2 on the Potty! We are so proud of him--he's been waiting for the right moment and it finally came! Sounds silly, but seriously is was a battle and I think he was afraid to let it all out--maybe he felt like he'd explode or that it was letting go of something that was his?! Again, the mysteries of life--who'd ever think going to bathroom could be so psychologically hard? Only they know, and it's up to us to figure it out. Anyway, Benny got to go to the Dollar Store (which I just Love!) and pick out 1 prize. That obviously is a problem because there is always more than 1 thing they want. He had narrowed his options down to 3 things: a gun, a truck, and a crayon shaped water squirter thingy? That was until Sammy found the Helium balloons and that was all he had ever hoped for in his life! Benny picked out a Spongebob balloon and Milly picked one also with a big flamingo on it. They played the rest of the day with their helium balloons almost like they were people. They would talk to them and wrestle with them. It was very cute and funny. Sammy had a good experience also--she bought with her own money a little polley pocket doll. She paid the cashier, and was waiting to get her doll. The cashier held out his hand in a fist to give her back her change...she looked at him like "what do you want" and then she made a fist and hit his fist (we call it "giving rocks" and we do that when they've done something good) and all her change fell out of the guys hand all over the counter! It was so funny, but since Sammy is sensitive I just had to reassure her it was cool what she did and explain to the confused cashier what she did and why she did it. Adam and I laughed about that--sometimes you never know how your kids look at certain things until they surprise you with something totally out of the blue or unexpected. Anyway, we had fun at the Dollar Store and we are so proud of our Benny! Just keep doing it and I'll give you as many Balloons as you want!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sadie Hawkins Flash Back

We're so cute!
Adam makes me look like I'm standing in a hole next to him. He's so tall! But that's the way I like 'em--tall, kinda dark and handsome. I just have to say--Adam's smile and whole look is G.Q. to me. Hey honey, we could use some extra bucks why not take up modeling?
Feliz complienios

Katherine is so smart but, I'm smarter.
I only say that because it makes her laugh.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hello Friends and Family
We've decided to join the lastest craze of blogging and give it a go! The Smithies is a wild and crazy bunch of 2 boys (which Adam can still be considered) and 3 lovely ladies. Adam and I are going on our 10th year of marriage (yippee skippee!) and we have Samantha who is 6, Ben 4 and Ya-ya (Amelia) 2.5! We have a great time together and enjoy teasing, playing hide and seek in the dark and calling eachother stinky. ( "You STINKY!....NO! YOU STINKY!" this mostly happens between Ben, Ya-ya and Daddy--but Daddy usually is stinky) You probably didn't want to know that part but the kids worship Daddy--he can do no wrong! I hope this is just as fun to do for our family as it has been reading yours.

Your Thoughts,